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Fat Gets No Respect (But That Should Change)

In this original animated video, anthropological research helps reveal the surprising story behind fat in the human body and in cultures around the world.

anthropology news - A small migrant caravan that set off on foot from Honduras for Mexico and the U.S. in early October eventually grew to 7,000 people, largely from Central America. Here, a Guatemalan migrant woman rests in front of the U.S border fence at Playa de Tijuana in Mexico, where thousands from the caravan now await an opportunity to seek asylum in the U.S.

What 2018 Taught Us About Everything Human


Rethinking Trigger Warnings

Once upon a time, the most important classroom warnings prepared students for potentially upsetting or traumatic content. Now they’re about bullets.

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Being Afghan in America: In the Field With Morwari Zafar